Recruit In Olathe Kansas with Xocai March Madness Promos!

Olathe Kansas Xocai March Madness Promos This is a busy month in Olathe Kansas, right? Kansas College basketball games, pruning roses and getting ready for Spring to finally arrive in Olathe!

Well; I have some great news for my friends in Olathe Kansas that will perk up your ‘Xocai ears!’ Let me take a minute to clarify the major ‘Xocai Promotions‘ that you can plug in to and really get a chocolate bang for your ‘Xocai Buck.’ Those in Olathe that take full advantage of these MXI Corp Promotions are always grateful afterwards!

Use the Promotions with the NEW ‘Xocai Business Builders Packages’:

When helping your Shawnee Mission area Xocai Prospects get started, please consider which option is the best fit for them to purchase. Realize that you actually are helping them start a new MXI Corp business; very cool yet somewhat of a new experience for most.

XOCAI HINT: Coming in as a Xocai Business Builder or Xocai Executive is the best value package by far right now. Yes, it’s a little higher commitment level, however your Shawnee Mission area Xocai Partner will get so much more for FREE! Hundreds of dollars worth of product for FREE!

For Example: Your Shawnee Mission Xocai Global Partner can start with a “Xocai Business Builder Package” and get FREE “Xocai Business Building Literature” and a FREE Xocai Variety Pack. This MXI Corp bonus value is good through the month of March up until April 3rd – that’s amazing! We’re not done though – Now get this – during March your NEW Xocai Global Partners in the Shawnee Mission area (or anywhere) will ALSO get a 2nd additional Xocai Variety Pack for FREE! Unheard of in Shawnee Mission (or anywhere)!

NOTE: To become a Xocai Executive, NEW “Xocai Prospects” merely need to order 2 of the following 3 Xocai Packs:

  1. The “Xocai Healthy Chocolate Pack”
  2. The “Xocai Weight-loss Pack”
  3. The “Xocai Athletic Energy Pack”

If you are a “Xocai Executive or Above,” in Kansas you can order a “Xocai Athletic Energy Pack” and a “Xocai Weight-loss Pack” and ALSO receive a FREE “Xocai Healthy Chocolate Pack.” -This is the only combination and offer – buy these two Xocai Packs and get this one FREE – it must be this combination.

The purpose of this MXI Corp Promotion is to allow local Kansas leaders in our chocolate business to obtain the 3 individual packs at a reasonable price so that we all can display them at our Olathe Xocai Chocolate Meetings. By having these Xocai Business Builder Packs on hand, we also create the inventory we need to start a new person immediately; Great News!

The logical plan is to give our new Xocai Distributor a Xocai Business Builder Pack so they can start now.

The following Xocai Reactivation Promotions are designed to incentivize Xocai Distributors…

  1. If someone is off of Xocai Auto-ship for 6 weeks or more, and they go back on Xocai Auto-ship and order 1 box of Xocai Chocolate now, they will receive a FREE BOX of Xocai Chocolate with their next month’s auto ship order.
  2. If they go back on Xocai Auto-ship and order 2 boxes of Xocai Chocolate… they will get the FREE BOX of Xocai Chocolate with the 2 box Xocai Order.

(Note: Distributors’ in Olathe may have to renew their position at $25 if they have let their renewal lapse)

  • Healthy Chocolate Distributor Derrick Winkel
  • Olathe, Kansas
  • 801.809.7766
  • Xocai Sipping Coco
  • Xocai Sipping Cocoa

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